Sarah Hathaway with her painting "Waldeinsamkeit" Conflux Art Exhibition, 2016, Tempe, AZ

Sarah Hathaway with her painting "Waldeinsamkeit"

Conflux Art Exhibition, 2016, Tempe, AZ

Artist Statement

My current series of expressive landscape paintings are an exploration of contrasts and continuity.  I use a gestural approach to painting where I focus on mark making, color relationships, and textures to create abstracted scenes that transform into recognizable environments.  The focus of these paintings are not to illustrate any specific locations, but instead to capture the essence or ambiance of a landscape and to stimulate an emotional response.

I have been interested in art for nearly my entire life, but it was not until my early 20’s, when I enlisted in the United States Air Force, that I realized how important art was to me.  While in the military I was sent to many places throughout the world and during this time creating art became my escape from the tumultuous life of a service member.  Painting became a form of meditation that enabled my stress and worries to fall away and returned a sense of balance to my life.  Upon leaving the military I decided to follow my passion and began studying art.  During the past few years I have discovered that landscape paintings hold the greatest interest for me.  They are capable of possessing qualities that trigger an endless number of reactions from people and they serve to remind viewers of our primal connections with nature.


My collection of forest scene paintings are inspired by four years that I spent living in Germany and they embrace my sense of nostalgia and longing.  They are bittersweet reminders of my second home, and as such they contain a mixture of light and dark, calm and chaos, happiness and pain.  The scenes are meant as interpretations of a memory; a time, place, and feeling that has greatly impacted my life.

© 2016 by Sarah Hathaway

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