Artist Bio

Sarah Hathaway’s current work in expressionistic landscape paintings stems from her love of nature, world travel, and a constant need to see and understand how humankind and nature are intertwined.   She is interested in how various emotions can be invoked by the different combinations of colors, textures, and geographic settings in her landscapes and how these reactions are different from person to person and from culture to culture. 


Sarah Hathaway was born in 1987 and raised in Phoenix, Arizona.  In 2007 she joined the United States Air Force and was stationed in Ramstein, Germany. There she received training in Transportation and Logistics and worked as a parachute rigger in the 86th LRS Aerial Delivery Unit for four years.  Sarah had a love for creating art from a very early age and her time in the military helped reignite that passion. 

While living in Germany, Sarah was engaged in several design and art projects.  These include her permanent collection of 14 painted airdrop platforms, several floor and wall murals, and the designing of a new Air Force organizational unit logo.  Serving in the military also afforded Sarah many opportunities to travel and experience different cultures.  Having traveled to over twenty countries and much of the United States has given Sarah a unique perspective that she utilizes when creating art.


In 2011 Sarah Hathaway left the military and returned to Arizona.  After deciding to further her education and pursue her love of art Sarah enrolled in the Herberger Institute of Design and the Arts in 2013.  She graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Painting and a Bachelors of Arts Minor in Anthropology from Arizona State University in 2016.


In the future Sarah plans to continue creating art, both paintings and sculptural works.  She seeks to further her current investigations into environmental relationships and explore new mediums and techniques for expressing these connections.

© 2016 by Sarah Hathaway

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